We better use those corners... Basic tools DIY!!!

For this project, I am making a new desk for my son and I have decided to use the corners by adding a simple DIY shelf design which will help me to save some space and at the same time give my son a space to put some books, electronics.

Download a free plan via the blog article here:

For this creation, I will be using what I have from the trash container…

Meaning plywood from 1.8 cm thick and note that you can here make the cuts using any kind of saw you have… (a jig saw, a table saw or even a circular saw).

Each pieces here are very easy to make since they rectangles of same dimension, the only extra step here is the curve I am making on half of them to change the design a little bit.

To make the curve, I am marking here the center of each rectangles, then using my beam compass to trace the curve in those corners.

For the cut here I decided to use my jig saw but note that you could also use your band-saw if you want some precise cut

Then some sanding to smooth down the edges

I’ve decided to add some glue and use some corner clamps (those clamps are very inexpensive and very handy for clamping things at 90 degree angles)

If you want to get one of those I am adding here a link where to get them…

It can be very handy to have your free plan available here so you can visualize how to fit them together.

Then I have decided to do here again my fancy painting in blue using tapes, so it match with the rest of the room.

Then here you are, with your DIY Corner shelves...

As usual, Mr ATC and see you next week...

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