Be prepared for a cold Winter! Make your concrete Fire Bowl...

Hello guys, winter is approaching and this year the predictions says that it will be a very cold one so let's prepare this and make sure we can still take a nice and warm seat outside by making a Fire bowl.This is a super easy and simple build, a perfect project for any experience level.

How to make a simple and easy DIY concrete fire bowl with bioethanol fuel!

What you need:

- Bioethanol fuelfor the fire - Marbles ( Instead of Marbles you could also use Fire Glass Onyx ) - High strength concrete mix - 2 bowls - Wire mesh

Tools & Miscellaneous items Used:

- Hand shovel - Rubber Mallet - Sander or Sheet sander - Any oil should work - Weights or large rock (hold bowl in place during the drying) - Tin Snips

1- Mix up your concrete. It's hard to determine how much you'll need, but it's better to mix up more as you start than to rush to create more in the middle.

2- Once all is mixed, cover the mold surface with some oil (any type of oil. This will help release the concrete once it's dry. Then, use weights or rocks to keep it in place

3- For a super smooth finished surface, try to use something with a motor to vibrate the bowl to remove any air bubbles inside the mold.

4- When your concrete has cured, carefully remove it from the mold.

5- Take it outside, and place the gel fuel canisters inside. I found mine at a local fireplace/swimming pool/outdoor recreation store

6 - Place the grill grate in the bowl

7- Then, cover the grate with a layer of rocks. marbles. These are commonly used with fire, so I can be sure they'll stand up to the heat and won't explode into flaming shrapnel with extended use.

It turned out AWESOME!!! Hope you like it and feel free to share the article with your friends!


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