A nice DIY XL bed for less than 100 euros // Modern design

In today’s project I am going to show you, how to create a modern pallet bed platform as you can already see a preview right here.

As always, i am happy to share with you in the video description a free plan to our projects in case you decide to make one for yourself…

Please note that here, I am gonna be using 8 pieces of EURO pallets that haven’t been exposed to too much rain and humidity.

Note that if a pallet is stamped with HT, that’s mean that it has been heat treated rather that chemically treated which is much better to use for building purposes.

The first step I will recommend you to do is to start by sanding the pallets as much as you can to get rid of the rough edges. The more it’s sanded the better and comfortable it will be at the end.

By adding them along each other, I realized that they were too long to fit the room, so I have decided to cut the top/head side at 90cm which will give me a total of 2.10m and for this cut I have decided to use my precision laser jig saw…

As the headboard is measuring only 60cm high, I am here making 2 verticals stand to screw directly to the back of this board which will at the end give me a total hight of 90 cm.

To find the right placement, I am here tracing 2 lines, then placing the 2 pieces for screwing…

After that, I am taking here a first test with the mattress, that will go on the bed at the end…

Now time to complete the platform!!! I’ll be using several pieces of lumbers that I will place all around the pallets but also around the mattress to complete the platform bed frame and holding them all with sticks brackets…

Here i have decided to use some scrap wood from another project to create a customized piano effect design and I am here fixing them directly from the back of headboard… the board will now be painted in white to match with the platform side...

Check this out… A nice and inexpensive platform bed for you

And If you liked our refurbished projects, support us by sharing with friends and family... That’s could help us to create even more of those.

Mr ATC as usual for another idea of housing...

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Watch the full video at MyATCtv: Click here…

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