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ATC is a company which is working in property-development, DIY network and interior design services by concentrating its activities in promoting a new concept of ecological housing in Europe and worldwide.


The commitment of ATC for a sustainable property is as follows: Corporate Citizenship and property-development, ATC believes that today’s world needs to prepare for tomorrow. It strives to act as a sustainable business in all its dimensions. responsible for his products, it organizes around sustainable development synergies. Sustainable in his internal operations, it mobilizes the staff to act responsible both on the development of their activities and in their daily life.


One of our goals: To give another idea of housing through recycling...

In today’s reality, everyone should take part in recycling. Via our portal, we are sharing with you some nice recycle ideas that could change the way you are living at home.

Create your own DIY interior design!!!


Online services:

Through the ATC portal, we allow everyone to take a step forward for the environment by planting a tree for each purchase and each reservation at no extra cost via our sustainable concept. This ecological service is completely free of charge and only managed by ATC.

Important: our sustainable service is free, unlike many other companies, we do not charge our service and we do not add any extra costs to the partner's prices: More on Our concept page


We didn’t invent the wheel, but we did create a pretty concept of life that has some unique points. At heart, ATC is simply a conscious business. We search and match services to find the best way to integrate a sustainable way to act and protect our lovely planet.

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