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Dorota Chwal
Jan 04, 2019
In In the living room
I have wanted to make this lamp for a long time. One day it turned out that I have everything I need to do it. Great! :D If you want to see more of my work, look here: or I cut the coconut in 1/3 of the length, hollowed the pulp with a spoon Then I smoothed the edges and the entire coconut with sandpaper I drew a pattern on a coconut, then hollowed it with a multigrinder with a carving cutter I used a drill to make dots As the base of the lamp I used a wooden leg from the old sofa :D In which I drilled a hole for the bulb holder and cable. I smoothed the wood with sandpaper and painted it with an oil stain. I painted the grooves in the coconut with golden paint, and covered the entire coconut with wax for wood I connected the coconut with a stand using a copper wire so that you can easily open the lamp to change the bulb. I decided that the lamp will be closed with a button. This is the final effect :) I hope you like it :). Greetings!
DIY Openwork Coconut Lamp content media
Dorota Chwal
Mar 09, 2018
In In the Bedroom
Hello :). Welcome to my second guide In this guide I'm going to show you how I made my mirror with additions. The glass comes from a mirror with a plastic frame. As wood under the glass I wanted to use a thick plywood from which I removed the nails, but I never make a project on a piece of paper, only in my mind, I just changed my mind because I thought the mirror would be too thick and I decided to use a fibreboard. Drawers that I used for this piece of furniture come from a mini dresser, from the time when my hobby was decoupage. Ideally suited to such a small mirror, so I tore off the knobs and used sandpaper to remove the decorations. Before After :) To make a cabinet for drawers I used a mix of various types of wood, which come from pallets, old broken furnitures. Every wood can be useful, I do not throw anything away and I gather a lot of recycled wood in my little apartment ;). I cut wood using a Japanese saw. I got my Japanese saw for Christmas. Some women get perfumes, clothes for Christmas, but I like to get tools ;D. I smoothed the edges of the wooden elements with sandpaper. I used glue for wood and carpentry squeezing and nails. I cut the shape in the fiber board. I added a copper decoration on the frame and on the drawer. I combined everything into a whole and painted a pattern on the glass. Later I used wax. I hope you like it :) If you want to see more of my work look at Greetings!
Dorota Chwal
Feb 20, 2018
In In the Bathroom
Welcome!, this is my first DIY guide :) Brushed wood is a technique to emphasize wood with a wire brush. This way we remove the soft tissue, and the hard tissue is beautifully underlined. That's the way I treated the mirror frame from the seat of the old broken stool. The shelf was made from a thick piece of recycled wood - poplar with beautiful natural marbled pattern :). The front of the shelf was painted with an acrylic paints. I love to use this pattern in my works. I emphasized the small loss in wood with golden paint. The mirror frame has been waxed, a shelf painted with several layers of water-based varnish which emphasized the wood pattern and secured the painting. What do you think about that? :)
DIY mirror with a Colorful shelf content media

Dorota Chwal

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