Wooww, this is what’s missing in my kitchen!

Today, I have decided to create a nice glow in the dark dish rack from some slat bed frames found in my neighborhood. ( I am amazed by all the things we throw away)

As usual a plan will be available for you at the following link: Ruki

Ruki has been designed to slide across our sink. This design can be adapted to fit different sized sinks and is made from solid slat bed frames wood.

To do it yourself, you will need

  • table saw

  • belt sander

  • Wood glue

  • Transparent varnish

  • Epoxy resin

  • Thickness planer

  • scrollsaw

  • Clamps

1- Before working the slats, I will advise you to start to clean them and reduce their thickness with the planer.

2- Then when this is done, you can start to cut each board with your table saw.

3- Take your sink measurements to mark the outside and inside borders of your rack.

4- Mark short notches on the larger slats to help the rack to slide nicely over the sink.

5- Cut each slat accordingly to the needed design.

Here I have used my scroll saw to cut the slats also the small pieces that I will use as dividers.

6- After those cuts, use your drill press to create small holes where you will insert the epoxy resin

7- Sand and tape each pieces, then insert the epoxy

8- When the resin dries, sand it again to remove extras and smooth the edges.

9- Glue each pieces according to the desired design and let dry...

10- Sand again to adjust any inconsistency then apply varnish or lacquer

And here you are with a nice and DIY Glow in the dark Dish Rack!

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