Without this idea, those mail / letters are getting everywhere...

How many of you have plenty of mail / letters all around the house and are looking for an easy way the solve this issue?

I was! But decided to organize this chaos!!!

If needed, a free plan will be available for you at the following link: CUBI

As you can see in the below video, you don’t need more than a piece of multiplex or lumber to create it and you will find below the instructions.

To do it yourself, you will need:

  • Miter Saw

  • Nail gun

  • Transparent spray varnish

  • And some wood that has been trashed…. :)

1- Before working the wood you will need to create a plan of what you would like to have at the end so here I am tracing all lines and more dimensions via the free plan above (note that you can use the desired design that fits your taste)

2- Then, when this is done, you can start cutting each pieces with your miter saw.

3- After that, time to assemble each pieces using a nail gun.

4- A little bit of sanding using a simple sand paper, then painting to match with the added space

And here you are with a cool Letter holder for your home from recycled wood!

If you like it and want to support us to create more awareness to recycling, please share it!

And check the ATC App below to see more from our DIY community…

You like the idea but have no time to make it yourself, we’ve selected below or you some nice design we found to help organizing your mails and letters:

For the US:

For the UK:

Mr ATC for another idea of housing…

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Watch the full video at MyATCtv: Click here…

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