Protecting your outside table from the winter by burning it! What???

Hi guys, welcome back today what are we gonna do! We are going to work on something we are doing every year… The spring cleaning!

In fact, I have been asking some people and most of them say that they prefer to throw away most of their unneeded stuff.

So today’s video won’t be about making anything but actually showing you a nice japanese wood burning method called the Shou sugi ban technique… and the reason for this is more to give you an idea on our you could change and protect some outside furnitures from the cold and rainy weather.

Alright, enough talking.. Let’s make it happen…

For this project, I am going to use an old and damaged table and just give it a new look!

And you will need:

  • a blowtorch

  • an electric sander

  • some finish lacquer or varnish.

Before starting… what you really need to know is that this technique really work on most type of outside wooden applications…

What I will do here is just torched the surface of this table but before that let’s start by some sanding

Alright, now that all is clean and smooth let’s have some fun and start the burning part….

(i can already feel a very nice and smooth touch and I like that…)

The thing that you need to keep in mind here is that you’ll need to have a dry wood in order to apply this technique, so if the table stays outside you may want to verify this before burning it.

Now I am using electrics sanders to remove a bit of dirt because at the end, i don’t want it to be super dark but enough to create a cool burning effect.

Please note that i’ve also seen people using just a wire brush to remove the dirt so if you don’t have an electric sander this could also be a good solution.

For me I just want it to be more aggressive and take as much as possible. So let’s give it a shot here…

As you can see, It gives me a nice look already but I’ve decided to go a bit more to remove any irregular surface. Oh yeah!!!! When you feel it. It has a gorgeous touch…

So now let’s see what it looks like when adding some varnish or clear finish…

I’ve got this from the local home depot store!!! I don’t know if it’s locally made but I’ve used it before and it looks like a decent product.

The good part with it is that you can directly see the final result… and as you can see it looks already nice and clear… I LOVE IT

We will now let it dry for the night and look tomorrow at the result...

Alright!!! Here we are, the effect really works out very well.

And hopefully, I hope that you will take advantage of this really simple technique so you could make as new any wooden furnitures to look old or even sand blasted… If you are trying it, feel free to share your project on the ATC app with us.

One last advice will be to don’t burn the wood to long because with some wood it could creates some cracks which is not good at all and for me the look is very important.

Ok!!!! As usual if you want to support us, just share this video and I am giving you already a big thanks for watching…

See you next time...

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