Feb 10, 2018

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  • Introduction ---------------- I had some spare time this weekend and was bored of babysitting. So, I went ahead and made something interesting to kill my time and use some of the scrap wood I have been collecting for ages. Hardware Requirement --------------------------------- For this project we need: Pallet Wood Protective equipment like: Face mask Glasses Gloves Sanding Tool Hammer Measuring Tape Nails Handsaw or Chop-saw Knife Pliers Pencil and Paint of your choice Dismantling The Pallet -------------------------------- Using 2 hammers I am going to dismantle the pallet. My aim is to reuse all the nails used in building this pallet so that, I can use them in building my stool. A stool is a highly useful piece of furniture that comes in handy at any point of time, such as to sit, and to reach out places that you can't reach without some additional support. There are so many styles, shapes, and types of stools available online, but the real fun is to make one yourself, using your own time and creativity. Many people choose them to add a bit of charm to their home interior and exterior decoration. Wood Cutting -------------------- Let's start by cutting the wooden pieces required for this project. My pallets are 9cm wide and 2cm thick. So, if I want to make a perfect square I would need: 12 x 36cm blocks for 2 opposite sides and the top8  x 32cm blocks for the other 2 sides4  x 38cm blocks for the legs, which will also hold the sidesFor the base we need: 2  x 32cm blocks for the center bit and2  x 28cm blocks for the sides bitsAnd finally, few random sized blocks to hold the sides. Just keep watching and you will know what I mean. Sanding ------------ Before putting the blocks together I am going to sand them to give them a nice and smooth texture. Putting The Pieces Together ---------------------------------------- Let's start by putting the 2 identical sides together. For that, I am going to use the 4 x 32cm blocks and the 2 x 38cm legs. Once the sides are ready I will use the 8 x 36cm blocks to join these sides to each other to give it a square shape. But, before joining the 4th side I am putting the bottom bit together. Cool, so that's how the box looks like without the top lid. Now, lets put the lid together and place it over the box. Awesome, look at that. To fill the holes, I am mixing sawdust with a bit of wood glue and then filling the holes up with the mixture. I will sand it once the glue drys up to give it a smooth finish. Painting ------------ Black is my favorite color. So, I am going to paint this stool with water-based black paint. Now, to draw the circles I am using the lid of the 'Pringles' potato chips paperboard can. The Legs ------------- As this stool will be used inside the house, I don't want the wooden legs to scratch the tiles of my floor. So to avoid that, I am putting some hot glue under the legs. You can also use a rubber base for this.  Thanks ---------- This is another beautiful creation of the wooden pallet that is recycled into an excellent piece work. This is a versatile piece of furniture which can be placed in the living room, bedroom, study, kitchen or/and even outdoors. This stool is lightweight yet sturdy, comfortable to sit on, and is highly functional as it can be moved around the house, giving a dynamic and entertaining experience. Thanks again for checking my post. I hope it helps you. If you want to support me subscribe to my YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/tarantula3). Thanks, ca again in my next tutorial. Video: https://youtu.be/04fBgMkY1Dw
  • Hello Guys, Welcome back to MyATCtv DIY recycled projects! I am back again with some interesting recycling furniture ideas. This time I will use old fences to make DIY patio chairs and bench. For this wonderful creation, I will be using the old fence panel which wasn’t needed anymore. So, instead of throwing away the fence I will recycle it to make beautiful and yes comfortable patio chairs. For more interesting recycling projects or creations join me on my YouTube channel MyATCtv DIY . Special Floriade Expo 2022 !!! I was very happy to be nominated and receive my green pin from Loes Ypma the representative of the Floriade and the Growing green cities program. A big thank you to the entire team organizing this event! And I will also take this opportunity to introduce to you the Floriade Expo 2022 . This expo will be taking place from April to October 2022 and sharing with us what a green city of the future should look like. Check the video below for more information about it: Below, I am sharing some pictures and drafts of DIY patio chairs that will help you in making an attractive seating for your patio or garden. If you would like to see more images of this DIY project, Check out my YouTube video Tutorial for better understanding!!! Let’s start First let us see what we need to make the patio chairs. Here is the list of important tools that help us with the making of patio chairs. Fence panel Screwdriver Large screws Miter saw Measuring tape Carpenter scale Pencil Cushion Rolling sander Power sander Table planner Sealant Green and white paint and more below... We put together a list of some of the tools used in the shop on our Amazon Store (affiliate link), if you'd like to support what we do, shop through this link: MyATCtv Amazon Store Step1: Get an Old Fence Panel For Chairs If you are planning to throw your old fence panel, then don’t do so. Instead use the old fences to build beautiful patio chairs. So, get an old fence panel of required size to make these amazing chairs. Here the are measuring 1.80m*1.80m. Step 2: Separate all the wooden board from The Fence Panel Now we need only the wood and poles to make the chairs, so unscrew the slats from the fence panel. I will use power driver to take the screws out of the pallets. This is how I separate all the slats and now i can use all of them for making different parts of a chair and bench Step 3: Make the Separated wooden board Smooth and Clean Due to weather conditions and long time use, the fences are untidy and messy (with a lot of climbing plants named here: “Klimop”. So, to make the slats clean and look like new again I will use thickness planer. Pass every slat through this planer to make the surface even, smooth and clean. Step 4: Cut the Long poles In several parts for the Legs(frame) Of the design I will measure the long wooden piece available with my measuring tape. This one is almost around 300 cm but most of the others are shorter than that. Now, I will make a mark at 165 cm and will cut the long one at the marked point with my miter saw. Step 5: Cut the wooden board for the chairs seats and bench Now I will prepare the different slats for the seat of the patio chairs and benches. For single-seat chair I will use small pallets and for Double-Seat chair I will use large pallet pieces. Now I will use three large pallets for seating of two-seat chair. Use two cushions of your own choice to mark points on the three boards to cut them according to the size of seat. Mark lines parallel to cushions on both sides of those boards. Step 6: Make the Edges of wooden board Round and Smooth Now when all the boards of the chairs are ready I will make their edges round and smooth with my router table. Whether it is large pallets, small on or legs part I will make the edges of all smooth and round. Step 7: Make the Legs Of the Modern Design Chairs I will use the long wooden pieces to make the legs and frames of the chair /bench. For this, I will cut the large piece at an angle with miter saw from the end (please check 3D plan for more accurate dimensions) . Now, at some distance from this cut I will make a straight cut. I will repeat the steps for all the required legs and in order to create the frame. Step 8: Join the Parts of Legs Now I am going to join the parts of the legs together with screws but as this wood is very strong I will advise to pre drill the holes before inserting the screws. After this, I will check the arrangement for different parts of the patio chairs to make them fit properly within the leg space. Step 9: Make the Seat and Backrest of Chair Now, after the legs, I will place the boards one by one with screws to make the seating area and backrest of the chair (please note that those screws are also the same ones that were already on the fences). Remember!!! We recycle as much as possible... Step 10: Use a protective oil Now when the structure of the chair is ready, I will apply a coat of protective oil over it. This will give a fine finish to the patio chairs and will also protect them from getting rotten. Step 11: Now Chairs are Ready Here the beautiful patio chairs and bench for your garden are ready! You can place the cushion on the seats for more comfort. Step 12: Paint the Chairs for More Beautiful Look In the end I will paint the chairs with green and white colour to make them look more beautiful and attractive piece of furniture. And remember that recycling at home is a family affair!!! And feel free to come and join us at the Floriade Expo 2022 ! Here is a quick preview video of the build: .... Let me know below what you think about this build and idea!!! Mr ATC for another idea of housing Youtube Facebook Twitter Instagram Would you like to support ATC for more sustainable consumption patterns? Take part of the 1 reservation = 1 tree planted program, book here and share: Hotels Flights Holidays homes Car rentals Did you like this article? Register now and for free to be informed of new and up-to-date news articles. Newsletter... You like, you care, you share!
  • Hello Guys, Welcome back to Mr. ATC DIY projects! I am back again with a new amazing DIY idea of making two pallet chairs. These are an amazing addition to your garden and home. I will be using two pallets for making two beautiful yet functional chairs. For most of my projects, I prefer to use pallet woods. To see more pallet creations join me on my YouTube channel MyATCtv DIY. I am also haring some pictures as well as drafts of DIY pallet chairs for you that will help you a lot in making an attractive seating for your home or garden within budget. If you want to see more images and videos of this fantastic DIY modern outdoor lounge chair, then check out my YouTube video Tutorial. It will give you a better understanding of the project!!! Are you ready to make pallet chairs by yourself? If yes, then what are you waiting for, let’s start the making process. As you know for every DIY project and DIY patio chairs you need all the things that will help you in making the process. So, here also we need some tools that make chairs making the process easy for me and you aswell. Here is a list of things that I need to build chairs. Have a look! Pallet Woodcutter Hammer Measuring tape Screwdriver Drill Nails Sander Wood glue Paint Table saw Now, I'm going to teach you step by step how to make wooden chair, with the Pallets. Step 1: Get pallets for the chairs To make pallet chairs I will use two Pallets. You can easily get it from any home depot. The pallets I will use are in 120 cm in length and 80 cm in width as you can see in my video. Step 2: Dismantle the pallets I will disassemble the pallets to use more of them for making pallet chairs. For disassembling I will use a hammer and woodcutter to separate each wooden part from the nails in the pallets. Checkout my video to get a better idea about the disassembling process. Step 3: Sand the pallets smooth After cutting the pallets, I will make them smooth with the help of my power sander. This will remove the splinters and make pallet wood look like new again. Step 4: Make the backrest of the chair Now, I have wooden pieces of three different dimensions including long, medium length and small. I will use long pieces to create the backrest of chairs. I will support backrest with small pieces and fix them together with screws You can go to my video for a better view. Step 5: Prepare the seat of the chair To make the seat of chair I will use medium length wooden pieces and will support them with small pallet. Again I will fix all of them together with the nailing machine. Note that there will be a small gap between pallets of the seat as well as of backrest. Step 6: Fix the seat and legs with backrest Now, I will fix the seat with the backrest to make the chairs. Also, I will use four wooden pieces to make the legs of the DIY outdoor chair. I will fix the legs in a criss-cross way to both sides to make the chair look modern and attractive. Step 7: Give finish to chairs Now, I am ready with the chairs. To give them a fine touch I will make them smooth with the sander and will apply a coat of protective paint to make them look like modern chairs. You can place attractive yet simple pallet furniture pieces anywhere in your home be it a garden or study room. These chairs will increase the curb appeal of your space. This article is also available in other languages, if needed see Below: English French Dutch German Spanish Italian I hope that you like this project and if this is the case, leave a comment below to let me know what you think! Mr ATC for another idea of housing Youtube Facebook Twitter Instagram Would you like to support ATC for more sustainable consumption patterns? Take part of the 1 reservation = 1 tree planted program, book here and share: Hotels Flights Holidays homes Car rentals Did you like this article? Register now and for free to be informed of new and up-to-date news articles. Newsletter... You like, you care, you share!
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