In the Garden, balcony...

What does your favorite garden look like? Make that dream a reality with DIY garden designs...

Nov 12

Introduction ---------------- I had some spare time this weekend and was bored of babysitting. So, I went ahead and made something interesting to kill my time and use some of the scrap wood I have
Jul 31

Hello Guys, Welcome back to MyATCtv DIY recycled projects! I am back again with some interesting recycling furniture ideas. This time I will use old fences to make DIY patio chairs and bench. For th
Apr 27

Hi Guys, Welcome back to Mr. ATC DIY projects! I am back again with some interesting ideas of making a DIY wooden bench in minutes. And this time, I will use an old damaged bench to make the new woo
Jan 13

Tulsi or Tulasi (Ocimum tenuiflorum) or the Holy Basil is the “queen of herbs” and is a sacred plant in Hindu belief. The leaves of the Tulsi plant are important in worship. Hindus worship it in the
Nov 14, 2018

This chair is a simple build, even if it does take a good amount of time to cut the different parts and drill the holes in all of them, all the pleasure is after... (when you have to assemble the all)
Oct 22, 2018

Description coming soon... ATC for another idea of housing Youtube Facebook Twitter Instagram Would you like to support ATC for more sustainable consumption patterns? Take part of the 1 reservation
Jul 31, 2018

Using some teak I made an A-Frame shelving unit. The unit consists of 3 different size shelves. The bottom one measures 40 inches long, the middle is 32 inches long and the top is 20 inches long.
Jul 9, 2018

One of the first thing I like work on for spring is the garden. Basically… I am always working in the garden… for me the best place at home is the garden... And it can be sometimes a difficult task be
May 30, 2018

So today was the official cleaning of our hive and as always... They were so happy to see me that I have been stung twice... ANYWAY... It's also good for the immune system! So I guess I will have some
May 10, 2018

In this video I made a lazy Susan for the picnic table I built. Using left over 2x8's from the picnic table build, I cut 2 semi circles on the band saw and joined them together using the biscuit joi
Nov 6

The mix of simple and elaborate mingled with an unexpected touch of elegant glamour or better known as “Non-Chaluxe” is finding its way in the homes of the rich, from Manhattan lots to Malibu beach ho
Jun 24

Hello Guys, Welcome back to Mr. ATC DIY projects! I am back again with a new amazing DIY idea of making two pallet chairs. These are an amazing addition to your garden and home. I will be using two pa
Apr 16

Hi friends today I wanted to show you how I built a new barbecue for my country house. The old BBQ was destroyed after years spent under the elements and not finding one of our liking, also considerin
Dec 29, 2018

Hi There, I am here with a simple DIY project. This one, will only cost your time and energy to produce an amazing Planter Box from reclaimed pallet woods. Step 1: Dismantle Pallet First of all, I a
Oct 30, 2018

I made this Gothic Gate from the handles of an old wheel barrow. These are the wooden handles I used to make this. The first step was to cut the top of each handle. I cut them at 15" each. These wi
Sep 30, 2018

Nowadays there are so many ways to add value and improve your home. One of the greatest ways is, of course, do it yourself and construct your own decking area… The first stage of the construction is
Jul 13, 2018

It's always nice to have herbs in your garden, but sometimes you don't have enough space to grow all what you want A vertical garden is the best when you have limited space I made this vertical garde
Jun 9, 2018

Hi friends, I hope you apologize for the poor English, with this video I wanted to show how I installed a small irrigation system for my small garden in a day. In the video you will find all the steps
May 10, 2018

Most of the time we always tend to directly o for easy solution and buy things to we could it ourselves. In this project I have found some long slat of pallet wood in my neigborghood then decided to r
May 10, 2018

We needed a new picnic table so I built one. Another thing crossed off the honey do list. Materials: 9 2x8's ( 2 were pressure treated ) 4 2x6's 3 2x4's 3 inch deck screws 1 1/2 inch deck screws 4
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