Wind Turbines As An Alternative Power Source

There are solutions to the world's power issues if they are simply applied and developed to their fullest and most efficient possibility. Solar power has made an excellent headway in production of energy but there are alternative energy solutions. One of these alternatives is wind turbine energy. A wind turbine is used to produce electrical energy. At the moment the energy generated from the turbine cannot be stored in batteries so there is a need for an efficient back-up systems.

Not being able to store the generated energy in batteries for later use puts an emphasis on where the wind turbines are placed. The turbines need to be located in a place where the wind is always blowing. But that is not so easy. The turbine needs to be located where there is a constant and steady wind most of the time, but also in a place where quite a few turbines can be located. The current issue is that one turbine generates quite a bit of energy, but not enough to make it economically feasible and a few hundred turbines need to be put in one place to make this happen.

The particular problem of people not wanting to look at or listen to wind turbines all day every day has become a bit of an issue. Where the issue is likely to be resolved is in more urban areas where the use of wind turbines is just beginning to creep in. People are fine with wind turbines and wind power but they don’t want to look at 100 turbines within their sight on a mountain top, coastal sound or back yard.

But the truth is, people may need to better understand that alternative power sources and they need to think about the need and how they are going to deal with the issue on a personal basis. Power up with solar, wind, water of nuclear, but choose an effective power source with respect to the environment, sooner rather than later.


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