What Is Biomass Corn Energy?

As we look around for alternative energy sources, biomass is becoming a popular choice. Biomass is simply energy derived from burning biofuels such as animal waste and excessive crops. The corn is also a popular fuel.

Biomass corn energy is produced using dry shelled corn as the power source. The process of turning corn into heat involves a fired stove with corn being used instead of wood. Shelled corn is stored in a tank, and as the heating system requires additional fuel, a thermostat senses the loss in temperature and opens a door in the storage tank, where a pre-set amount of corn falls into the furnace and gives you more fire and heat.

Generally, burning corn for heat will cost you 50% less than oil produced energy, 30 percent less than coal produced heat and 70 percent less than heat produced with natural gas. Converting to a corn can save you as much as 75 percent, if you are buying energy from an utility company.

Nowadays, it is the most searched type of furnace on the Internet, so keep it in mind for when you decide to have an alternative energy source.


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