This year Christmas starts for us in the toilet... what about you?

Nothing can spread the love and joy and magic of the Holiday seasons quite like Christmas. Needless to say, it is the crowning glory of our home’s decorations. It is a silent rule for it to be put up first before any of the other decors—thus our motif will most probably revolve on our shelves design concept.

Make a set of Christmas wooden shelves from a single pallet wood. Then add if you want some Christmas bowls, plants, or other decorations.

Cut the 45-degree angle on each part as shown in the video and sand all of the parts with to remove any sharp edges.

Use screws or nails to an angled brace to one side of the shelf . After drill or nailed countersunk pilot hole and reinforce the connection. Repeat for the remaining shelves, taking care to alternate between sides of the shelves for the braces.

And here you are...

A Simple Wooden shelf for Christmas and in your toilet...

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