Things You Can Do In Your Daily Life To Help Protect The Environment

As governments negotiate to come up with a plan to halter climate change and cut down on emissions, we can also play our part. If we reduce the amount of energy we use, we can have a significant effect on emission use. If everyone makes an effort in their lives, it can make a huge difference on a global scale.

Here is show you can cut down your energy usage in your home or in the workplace.

Switch to energy saving light bulbs.

When you are heating water, only boil the amount you need. Switch off appliances when you are not using them. Electrical appliances left on standby can use use a lot of energy. Recycle everything that you can. It takes the same amount of energy to make 20 cans from recycled material as it takes to make one can from scratch.

Recycling will also save you money on refuse charges. If your home is in sunny area you could potentially meet all your energy means using solar panels. Also, make sure that your home is well insulated so that it keeps the heat in. When you wash clothes, try using lukewarm water. Always make sure the washer is full, and not half full. Also put the lid on pots and pans when you are cooking.

In the office store all documents in digital format on your computer or another storage device.

If you must print something, use both sides of the page. Online audio and video conferencing has effectively cut out the need for face to face meetings and conferences. Computers still use a lot of energy when they are on screensaver mode, so turn them off when you are not needing them.

To get around bikes are a healthy, quick and enjoyable way and you can avoid the traffic jam if you live in a big city. Public transport is far more energy efficient than driving. If you must use the car, experiment with carpooling. Why not join the hybrid revolution. Buy a hybrid and use a fraction of the energy for your journeys.

When you go shopping, don’t accept plastic bags from shops. Always bring your own reusable bags. Try to buy organic food from the local store. Organic food is farmed less intensively and usually requires less energy to produce. Eat less meat. Livestock are a major source of greenhouse gases.

The water isn’t an infinite resource and we need to preserve and take care of it. Always use the shower instead of the bath and don’t leave the tap running while showering or brushing your teeth.

If you live in a house, install a system to use your waste water to keep your garden watered for example. Use non-harmful soaps and washing powders. Water your garden early in the morning or just before sunset. This allows the water to be absorbed into the ground instead of evaporating in the hot sun if you water during the day.

These are just a few of the simple ways that you can help cut down on energy usage and reduce your carbon footprint. Just a few of these steps it make a big difference in the wrong run and save you money as well. So think about it and go green.

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