Thing To Keep In Mind When Visiting Cape Town

Cape Town, is a beautiful city with rich cultural events and the home of the top five attractions in all of South Africa. When you visit, you will need to come prepared so your trip doesn’t go sideways.

While there are no international immunizations needed to enter South Africa, you should be aware that Malaria is a risk always. So protect yourself and get vaccinated before the trip. You should also have some form of travel insurance that covers medical expenses. Better safe than sorry.

Light cotton clothing is advised in the summer. The evenings get cooler so pack warmer clothing as well. Don’t forget sun cream. The sun in South Africa can be harsh, so you’ll need to wear sun protective lotion and protective clothing.

Make more than one copy of your passport and travel documents in case you are to lose them.

If you need an accommodation, go to the Commodore Hotel. It’s on the waterfront near the center of Cape Town and the room rate is a bit pricey, but the hot breakfast buffet and world class service certainly make up for it.

In Cape Town everyone drives on the left side of the road. Many of the National roadways have tolls. So if you plan to travel, bring some cash with you.

You should also have some understanding of the local prices, so you are not surprised or taken advantage of while on holiday in Cape Down. Do some research about that before you make the trip. Again better safe, than sorry.

You will need to carry money with you to tip people for service such as wait staff, taxi drivers, hotel staff, etc. 10% is a far tip.


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