The Fate Of Antarctica

With the global warming many people are concerned about the fate of Antarctica. The ice that makes up the continent is melting faster than normal and not freezing back as it usually does. This will eventually raise the sea level enough to put major cities and land masses under water.

Many scientists have been looking at the climates and weather systems for a long time, trying to make sense of them. When they began they originally wanted to learn about the earth so that they could recognize signs that will lead to natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes and tsunamis. But while observing, they noticed disturbing trends in things like the average temperature, increasing sea level and other things like the ice cap over Antarctica for example.

According to them, the reason for all that’s been happening is generally the global warming. The increase in certain gases like CO2, which are purportedly on the rise due to the millions of different engines that burn fossil fuels across the world, changes the qualities of the atmosphere and causes global warming.

What we know about Antarctica so far is that it’s been melting in some places and at certain times and it appears that the land mass has gotten smaller. However, we have only been able to make specialized measurements for several decades, which may seem like a long enough time to make good guess, but we should not be making definitive statements about trends that may just be natural cycles that are 500 years in length. The truth is, we don’t know much about Antarctica, but from what we know, the ice cap is melting and the sea level is rising and it is only leading to a disaster if not prevented on time.


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