The Effect Of Climate Modification On The Third World Countries

Climate modification impacts the globe as a whole, and the impact on third world countries in Asia and Africa has been the subject of much discussion.

Over 60 percent of the human population lives in greater Asia, which has stretched agricultural and health resources to the maximum. What’s worse is that the large population centers are situated on the coastline in flat areas only a few feet above sea level. If climate modification trends continue, large chunks of Asia will disappear. Cities such as Jakarta, Tokyo and Bangkok sit at sea level. If the melting polar caps result in a three foot rise in sea levels as predicted, these cities will go underwater. Vietnam, Indonesia and Bangladesh are expected to lose 37,000 square miles of coastline under a similar situation. Over 34 million people will be forced to move to already congested population centers where the economies, health care and food supplies will reach critical levels and disasters will prevail.

Africa is also believed to be one of the most heavily impacted areas when it comes to climate modification. Most of African countries have underdeveloped economies and low standard of living and are therefore considered third world countries. More than half the people in Africa live in rural areas with agricultural economies and rely heavily on natural resources, especially rain. It is believed that the greenhouse effect will reduce the amount of rain. As the Sahara desert expands, less land will be available for farming and malnutrition from famines will lead to weak immune systems and diseases will prevail.

So what can we do to prevent this? Firstly, we should put regulations in place for greenhouse gases to be reduced. Secondly, we must do proactive planning and take the potential effects of the third world climate modification into consideration.


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