The Different Types Of Air Filtration Devices

Millions of particles, pollutants, gases, bacteria, and allergens are roaming the air inside your home, making it 100 times dirtier than the outside air. This contaminated air circulates through your home and either settles in the form of dust or is breathed by you and your family.

Air purifiers are more common and affordable today than ever before, to circulate and purify the air. If you do not have an air purifier, and you are in the search for one, know that there are different types of air filtration devices out there.

There are ionic filters, which purify the air by sending our ions which oppositely charge the particles so they stick together and collect on magnetic plates inside the filter. They are favoured by customers because they are silent and effective enough to clean viruses, gases, allergens and bacteria out of your household air.

The second kind are High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters, which are devices that use a cloth-like filter which can trap more than 99.97% of particles in your house. They last a couple of years depending on the condition of the air and can actually trap more pollutants than other filters. The downside is they don’t eliminate gases or odors and are noisier than the competitors.

Furthermore, there are carbon air filters, which are by far the most effective odor removers on the market. They have a system of highly absorbent pores, which form a strong chemical bond and trap molecules. Unfortunately, they don’t trap any airborne allergens or germs.

Hydroxyl radicals occur naturally in the earth's atmosphere and are powerful cleansing agents. Hydroxyl radical filters are the most powerful method of sanitizing mold and other harmful bacteria.

Ultra violet light haven been proven to sterilize microorganisms, but there is some doubt to the effectiveness of these filters because microorganisms may not be exposed to the light long enough while they are passing through the air, and that is why HEPA filters are better and more popular to rid your house of allergens.

Now that you have a firm understanding of how these filters work and what choices are there, know that there are many great filter providers online which can lead you to the best filter for your budget, so do some online research before buying.

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