Rancho Texas - Western Theme Park That Has A Lot To Offer

Rancho Texas is located on the outskirts of Puerto del Carmen. It features an Indian amphitheatre where there’s a stunning display in falconry, a Nature Park where your children can play, a Goldmine Where the big water-wheel runs water to gold-bearing sands and where the children can try to find hidden treasure and there is an Indian Village where you can take a ride in an Indian canoes and visit the Tepees.

The Nature Park is a host to a wide variety of animals and birds. This area includes ‘The Opera’ – with its great variety of singing birds where you can experience amazing sounds, ‘The Promenade of colour’ – with its sensational variety of birds and colours, the ‘Liliput Farm’, where you can hold small farm animals or see large ones. Turtles, Iguanas, Armadillos and Prairie dogs are some of them.

There is an Indian Amphitheatre that offers three live shows during the day. Once show is the fantastic falconry demonstration, part of which involves the falcons flapping people on the head with their huge wings.

If you are going to sit down at the restaurant, in between shows, and grab a bite, don’t be surprised if you see the Falconry expert helping out behind the food counter.

He also hosts the Parrot show, which is yet another great show that shouldn’t be missed. And later if you stick around for the third show, you will see the same guy jump in a pit with alligators and plays with them. The hit finale of the show is holding the alligator’s mouth closed between his chin and his chest – some show and some multi-talented guy.

The Rancho Texas still has an element of the Manrique influence and has a 60,000 m² long theme park, designed with the utmost respect to the ambience and everything in it is built with natural materials such as stones and wood. At night the place comes alive with the Rancho Texas Country and Western Night, legendary in these parts. A party night for the whole family. There is live music and line dancing and special entertainment for the children. You can eat as much as you like and enjoy free-flowing Beer, Sangria and Soft Drinks. The price for adults is 44,00 €. Children up to 12 years pay half price and for kids under the age of 2 is free of charge.

Finally, if you want to Discover Lanzarote on horseback, Rancho Texas also has riding stables. Three hour trek to the beach costs 54€ for experienced riders or a one hour trek for those with no experience for the price of 21€.


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