Mugs vs paper cups

Every office deals with the same addiction: coffee! There is no way an office would function without it. With this need, there comes a time to think about the distribution of this “drug” yes drug.... Paper cup, reusable mug? Which one is best for the environment?

We are bombarded with information about us being a waste society and that we should reduce our usage of disposable objects. So the obvious choice seems to be the reusable mugs, which are more environmental friendly. Or so we think.

But how bizarre it might seem, when compared on a large scale, in a big company , paper cups seem to be the better choice. So why is that? Well, paper cups are easier produced and have therefore have a smaller impact on the environment during production than reusable mugs. But, so one would argue, paper cups are thrown away and reusable mugs are, as the name gives away, being reused. So the question is, doesn’t that compensate for the impact in the production? Again, the obvious answer would be yes. But what is often forgotten, is the water, the soap and such that are used to wash the cup. Taking that into consideration, a reusable mug should be used 4 times in a row before being put in the dishwasher, but, be honest to yourself, you would probably use the reusable cup like a paper cup, once used you will put it in the dishwasher. So the environment is, again, being strained. Bases on that, paper cups, if recycled correctly, are considered more environmental friendly than reusable mug.

But if you want to make a difference and are willing to take the extra step for the environment: bring your own mug from home! This cup has already been produced, so no new mugs need to be produced. And instead of putting it in the washing machine, rinse it out with hot water and drink the whole day out of it. Just these simple and easy to take adjustment in your daily routine, will save a lot of paper cups and will definitely help the environment. It is on us, to make the right decision to have the best impact. So let us make the change happen! Go Green, do BYOM! (Bring Your Own Mug)!


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