How to Travel the World on a Shoestring Budget

You needn’t be a millionaire to chase your dream of travelling around the world. Sure, you might need to quit your job to take months on end to explore endless landscapes, try different food, learn new languages, and make new friends, but whilst you’re on your adventure of a lifetime you can live surprisingly cheaply.

Being flexible means you can be available to jump on bargains when they pop up. Keep your eye on flight booking websites before your trip and when there’s a sale on, BOOK THOSE FLIGHTS! Get out there and do it – you can, and your budget won’t be as much of a problem as you think.

And remember, if you book with the 1 reservation = 1 tree planted program, you’ll be helping to save the environment whilst you travel the world!

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Accommodation is one of the areas which will drain your bank account the fastest. Thanks to the internet, however, it’s entirely possible that you can avoid paying a single cent on a place to rest your head whilst you’re travelling around the world.

Websites such as Couch Surfing connect travellers with people willing to host them in their home during their stay in a particular place. Not only is this a great way to not waste money on expensive hotels, you also make friends for life and get a local perspective on the place you’re visiting.

Another option is to house sit. If you’re willing to feed some dogs and keep an eye on someone’s house while they’re away, you can get a very comfortable stay for free! Websites such as have thousands of homes all over the world which are just begging for someone to stay in them!

If you don’t have the time to be staying in one place long enough to house sit a house whilst the owners are on holiday for weeks at a time, there’s always budget-friendly paid accommodation options. Opt for a hostel instead of a hotel, or if you’re feeling particularly intrepid you can get back to nature by carrying a tent and spending your nights camping!


Along with accommodation, transport is the other big money-sucker while you’re on the road. Not only are trains and buses much more environmentally friendly modes of transport than air travel, they’re often far cheaper.

Again, there are websites to connect people with free seats in their car to people who need a lift. Depending on which country you’re in, different sites are more popular, but places like are a great place to start. Forums such as Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree Forum can also be great places to find someone with a vehicle looking for company. You can get free transport in exchange for a smile and nice conversation!

You could also consider going on a cycling- or walking-focused journey. Riding your bike around Europe is super easy and a fabulous way to get off the beaten track. It’s eco-friendly and cheap, too!


Spending your time putting your skills to good use as a volunteer is a great way to see new places, meet new people, and know that you’re contributing positively to the world whilst being a tourist. You can save so much money, especially with hosts who provide accommodation and food, that you could sustain your travels for years doing this!

Workaway, WWOOFing and HelpX are the three major websites connecting hosts with helpers. It could be anything from training huskies in Greenland to reforesting a property in Ecuador. There are incredible opportunities available on these websites.


Unless you’re super lucky and have an amazing Workaway or Couchsurfing host who is willing to feed you, you’re going to have to drop some hard-earned cash feeding yourself. No way around this one – we all have to eat! Not having a fully stocked kitchen of your own can make it difficult to save money in this area. However, there’s ways to cut down your spending.

Treat yourself to a meal out every now and then, but if you stick to preparing basic meals in your hostel kitchen you’ll save a lot of money. The meals you have out? Make them breakfast or lunch – cook your own dinner. Those meals tend to be far cheaper than evening meals when you’re dining at a restaurant.

Most major cities will have a Hare Krishna restaurant where you can get a delicious feed for just a donation. Obviously this isn’t a service that you should abuse, but those lovely smiley people won’t judge you if you only have a handful of coins to pay with!

If you’ve always dreamed of travelling the world, you can! Having a humble bank balance won’t stop you from doing it – sometimes you just need to think outside the box a little. Sure, 6 months staying in hotels and dining at Michelin-starred restaurants is enough to spend you bankrupt, but by using some amazing online resources to tee up volunteering jobs, couchsurfing accommodation, or free rides, you can stretch that adventure out for weeks or even months longer than you thought possible!

After all, we are all travellers!



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