How To Get The Necessary Antioxidants With Your Food Intake

It’s no secret that antioxidants in food can help prevent cancer, reverse or slow aging, enhance your immune system, increase your energy and improve your overall health. Experts recommend a minimum of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily, but getting over 7 servings is the best.

Here are some tips on how to get more antioxidants on a daily basis.

First of all, for breakfast throw some strawberries, fresh juice and yogurt into a blender; pour your delicious mixture into a cup and head out the door. That is 1 -3 servings of fruits to your daily intake. You make some toast and throw fresh berries on top.

If you are hungry during the day and it is still not time for the main meal, how about a handful of raisins for a snack, or some fresh red grapes? Dip some strawberries in yogurt. How about some baby carrots or a handful of pecans for a nice antioxidant boost?

For lunch or dinner, adding a salad to each of your main daily meals can add loads to your overall well-being. Add some red pepper slices to your green salad or some tomatoes to the Greek salad, or tart cranberries to your field greens. Have a broccoli salad for lunch, or even mix up a rice salad with fresh vegetables like string beans, tomatoes, peppers and red onions. For dessert you can always treat yourself with fresh fruit salad with or without the whipped cream. It’s a wonderful way to end your meal healthy. Also, do not drink soda. Have tea instead or a glass of red with with dinner, or a glass of chai tea topped with some cinnamon for dessert.

Researchers say powerful antioxidants can also be found in a variety of unexpected foods, like artichokes or small red beans. The beans may have more antioxidant power than blueberries.

Do you cook? Cooking involves scrubbing and peeling vegetables, preparing whole foods and paying attention to how things are cooked. If you’re ordering out every night, you are less likely to be eating foods that provide the base for your antioxidant intake.So learn to cook and avoid the restaurants as much as possible.

If you are cooking the vegetables, remember that over if you overcook it, it loses some of the antioxidants. So instead of cooking them, steam the vegetables or don’t bring them to a boil. They will keep the bright color and most of the antioxidants. This is especially important for the broccoli.

If you are not sure if the vegetables you buy are GMOs or organic, maybe you should plant and harvest your own vegetables.


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