How Proper Nutrition Can Benefit Schizophrenia Patients?

Schizophrenia is a disease difficult both to diagnose and to treat. It’s characterized by withdrawal from reality, illogical thinking, delusions, hallucinations, and accompanied with other emotional, behavioral, or intellectual disturbances. Recent research suggests that incorporating more niacin, essential fatty acids and eating more whole grain carbohydrates to help level out blood sugar levels is beneficial for schizophrenia patients.

Chicken, tuna, salmon, turkey, enriched flour, peanuts, and fortified cereals are foods high in niacin. Niacin in an important player because it converts food into energy and it also plays a role in the essential fatty acid metabolism of the brain which is disrupted in schizophrenia patients. Therefore it is imperative that essential fatty acids are a base in the diet of a schizophrenic patient.

Look to fish, shellfish, flax-seed, pumpkin seeds, dark green leafy vegetables and walnuts There is evidence to suggest that low levels of essential fatty acids or wrong balance of types among the essential fatty acids may be the reason for a number of illnesses, including schizophrenia.

Research has shown that some schizophrenic patients suffer from high levels of copper, which affects the brain. Vitamin B6 which is found in bananas, turkey and spinach, and also zinc which is found in red meats, peanuts, chickpeas and almonds, can help remove excess copper from the body.

Some schizophrenic patients suffer from hypoglycemia, which can be greatly helped by choosing whole grain carbohydrates because they help the body maintain a steady blood glucose level.

Some schizophrenic patients also suffer from food allergies that greatly affect their thinking and behavior. Keeping a detailed food journal and paying close attention to moods and thinking patterns after eating is also very important.


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