How Is Climate Change Affecting The Planet?

Climate modification isn’t really a term of use anymore because we have come to understand that the effect of the changes we make to our environment increase the temperature in many locations on the planet, but also cool a few places. The thing we know as a climate modification is referred to as global climate change.

The simplest and most accurate definition of climate change is that it’s the effect greenhouse gases have on the earth’s climate. Greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide and methane.

Climate change is both a natural phenomena and one created by man. Greenhouse gases are a natural part of the biosphere. They are a critical component to the existence of life on this planet. If greenhouse gases didn’t exist, the temperature on planet earth would average zero degrees. They keep the temperature at a much more livable 59 degrees.

However, the problem we are facing today is the volume of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The more gas in the atmosphere, the less heat escapes. Over the last 80 years, we have been pumping massive amounts of greenhouse gases into the sky. At the same time we have been doing deforestation around the planet, when the forests are the primary plant collection that sucks greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere. Therefore it is starting to show negative results. One of them being the increased heating of the planet.

What will happen as the planet heats up? We are already seeing signs with the retreat of the glaciers. The Glacier National Park has already lost 65 percent of all of its glaciers, and we can expect major climatic changes over the next 80 years.


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