How Global Deforestation Really Affects The Environment?

The consequences of forests diminution are almost unfeasible to calculate. Diminution over trees is one of the great leads to biodiversity extinction.

Forests are turned to barren lands, shattered by log harvests. Forests are transformation to agricultural lands, road constructions et cetera. People view forests as a means of total transformation in societies, lands and even businesses.

The rate at which trees are cut down and forests transformed is unstoppable, so the global deforestation has become a big impact for the survival of lives in this planet. If this continues more and more sources of life will be totally depleted. The world will not only suffer from the untoward effects of the environment but other outcomes as well such as ailments, social fights and poverty. No matter how far advanced the development may be, nothing can save us from the turmoil if the earth hits back at us.

Trees help minimize pollution through elimination of carbon dioxide. In cases of deforestation the burned trees give off the polluted gas back to the atmosphere, thus leading to an immense amount of pollution in the air. The effects of global deforestation accounts for one-third of the carbon dioxide emissions from all over the earth. The remaining values are caused by car air pollutants. If this continues, expect that the air you will be breathing will turn out to be more than just 50% of the toxic carbon dioxide. That is terrifying.

Furthermore, global deforestation can result to the change in the water cycle. Trees seep water in case of heavy rains, thus preventing flood. Trees also help through the evaporation of excess water back into the environment. The amount of water on the surface area can be changed by either the absence or the presence of trees. Forests hold much of the responsibility in preventing floods, erosions, and other land filled problems. The ecosystem therefore can’t function without trees and our survival depends on the capabilities that the ecosystem brings.

The forest truly provides us with much in life, from the air that we breathe, to the water that we consume, and to the food that we eat. If global deforestation is not put to a stop, it will definitely result in severe problems. The denuded forests will unstoppably backfire at us and human survival may then be the next in line for extinction.


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