Electric vs gasoline cars

Small scaled electric cars have been around since 1840, and were quite popular in the beginning of the 20th century. Yet they didn’t stick around. The gasoline car took over. But now, over 100 years later, in a society, where ecological conscience kicks in, the electrical car seems revived.

As always, there are many sides to a story. The electrical car is being praised by the governments. Less CO2 emission, better for the beaten environment. But wait, is that really the case? Hard to tell. Many aspects come around if you think about it. Let’s start at the production of the cars. The CO2 Emission of an electric car is, due to the battery production, higher than that of a gasoline car, yet over the lifespan of the car, the electrical car has a lower emission.

The production and use of the battery is another story. Gasoline, we all know, is produced from a limited natural resource. Which makes many countries dependent on those that have this precious resource. Yet so is the lithium used in the common lithium-ion battery used in electric cars. Some may wonder, if we give up one dependence for another.

Then comes the price. An electric vehicle is still much more expensive, than a fuel one the same class. Even if you take the price of the fuel you would put in our tank for the 160 000 km until the warranty runs out on the battery, you still have not made up the price difference. However once you lease the car you do not pay some taxes, and that saves you obviously a lot of money. The prices are still so high, as the prices of the battery is still very high.

The driving experience is similar to a fuel car, just much quieter. But rather than writing about it, book the car, and try it out yourself.

The range of the car is in general short, but hybrid cars are coming to the market, which can go up to 500 km with an fuel tank which helps the electric engine. But with more help from the government, new technologies are developed to increase the battery power. With a fuel car, you can gas up almost everywhere, but car chargers are filling the cities as well.

The maintenance of the electric car seems to be a bit cheaper than with a fuel car. The engine does not have 1000 of tiny parts that may be broken. One of the few things, and also the major thing , that comes up, is the battery that may needs changing. For now, the batteries are very expensive, but with mass production on its way, the prices will drop hopefully.

​So all in all, in electric car is more ecological friendly over its lifespan than a fuel car. The initial price is a bit shocking, but gotten in a lease, it will increase its value and you don’t have to pay the price. If range for you is a problem, the hybrid solution is the choice for you! So if your lease is up, think twice before taking a fuel car, and just check out the hybrid or electric competition! Go Green☺


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