Do Not Litter And Keep The Environment Clean

Nothing ruins the feel of a natural area more than a pile of garbage as you go along. Numerous studies prove that tourists return to an area primarily for its cleanliness and greenery.

But if we walk by the mess and complain over such disrespect, we are no better than the polluters.

Therefore, when you hike you should pack a supply of plastic bags to clean up as you go. When you take a bit of time to clean up, not only do you have a better trail but you have helped make it better, safer and nicer for the next user.

It feels very good to clear up a beach of shards of broken glass or a hook hiding just below the surface. Imagine an innocent child stepping on that hook instead of you and decide if it is worth taking the time. Take heart in knowing you have done a good thing by removing it.

Be proactive and clean after you. Keeping the environment neat and clean is our responsibility. Just because some don’t do it, does not mean you have to follow them. Unclean environment leads to bad condition of society, diseases and so on and so forth.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. Start from yourself. Do not litter, be eco-friendly, recycle and reuse. Thank you.

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