Could you be loved???

A few weeks ago, I saw a nice Love shelf project passing by online and thought it could really feet in my house. I drew up various designs based on pictures of various LOVE shelves that I had seen.

Then, I decided how tall I wished the shelf to be and came up with the other dimensions.Then I went to the wood store to purchase my wood and the hardware store to purchase the rest.

For the shelf lover, I have also included a free plan that I made to do it yourself if you want: You will find it at that link

Materials used here:

Wood: lumber 2*2.10 long, 15 large and 6 thick

Screws: 10 cm at least

What do you need to do:

1- You need to know how tall you want to have your shelf. Important to buy the appropriate number of wood

2- Purchase your materials.When purchasing the materials, please remember that the V angle can be tricky to cut so also take into consideration having an angle measuring tool.

3- Start measuring then go to the cutting… please look at the plan attached to have the dimensions.

4- To start screwing you need to lay out all pieces on the floor in order to have a clear overview of where you need to screw first. I will advise to look at the video below, I am showing a nice and easy way so you don’t end up with unscrewed part.

5- Painting or else: here I have decided to burn the wood in order to give it a rustic and old fashion effect which I love by the way, specially if you are dealing with a wooden wall. The design can be complementary…

After burning, I have added some finish lacquer to highlight the wood burning effect.

Then decorate as you want and enjoy your LOVI LOVE shelf…

As mentioned by Patricia Moerland from the the group: Entrepreneurs aux pays-bas, When love is under construction it recycles your spirit… Or as Bob Marley said it so well: Could you be loved....

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