Best Websites For Planning Your Eco-Friendly Holiday

Planning an eco-friendly holiday is easier than ever now with a dearth of websites dedicated to providing information on sustainable tourism options. Here’s the best website to use to ensure your next holiday is as good for the environment as it is for your mood!

Choosing Your Destination:

Ehtical Traveler is an organisation which aims to empower travellers with knowledge and information about tourist destinations around the world so they can make informed decisions about where to spend their very valuable tourist dollars.

Even with a quick browse through this website you can learn about how economically and environmentally sustainable a country is. You will soon learn how your visit will impact our world.

If you need some inspiration for where to go on your next trip, Ethical Traveler releases and annual list of Ten Best Ethical Destinations.

Green Traveler Guides is another excellent website for information on where to spend your holidays without feeling guilty about the environmental impact.

For Selecting Accommodation:

This is a great website for finding environmentally friendly hotels all over the world. The joy of Environmentally Friendly Hotels (EFRhotels) compared to other websites of this genre is that they give a complete run-down on every aspect of sustainability so you can see where the property does and doesn’t excel.

Categories of Air, Education, Food, Waste, Energy, Towels and Sheets, Water, Solid Waste, Supplementals, and Extras each have detailed subsections which get a yes or no mark. The hotel gets an overall rating out of 7 ‘green leaves’. There’s also a comprehensive ‘reviews’ section so you can see what previous guests thought of the hotel. It’s the perfect website for choosing accommodation that with be perfect for your vacation and good for the environment.

Environmentally-Friendly Tours and Small Holidays:

Responsible Travel work with over 375 small tourism companies across the globe. Their mission is to encourage responsible travel and create ‘better places to live in and visit’.

Whether you’re looking for a cross-country skiing expedition in Austria or a beach retreat in Belize, Responsible Travel can connect you with a local business who will ensure your holiday is exactly what you’re looking for whilst assuring you that your hard-earned money is supporting an ethical practice.

Other tour companies that are recognised as sustainable and eco-friendly are The World Wildlife Fund and National Geographic.

Buying Travel Gear:

When you travel, you often need to buy special clothes or equipment that you don’t already have. Trekking gear, ski jackets, a backpack…

There are lots of travel gear companies who pride themselves on their low environmental impact, but the best way to make sure you’re not over-consuming is to buy second-hand. That’s where Gear Trade comes in. It’s like a specialist eBay just for excellent quality used goods.

They’ve got everything from fishing rods to skate board wheels. You can find anything there, for excellent prices. The best part is that you can sell it again when you get home. Saving the environment and money? Yes, please.

Choosing The Lowest Carbon-Emitting Flight:

Unfortunately, air travel is often an unavoidable part of a holiday. Air travel is notorious for its terrible energy inefficiency and carbon emitting. However, getting on a plane is one of the only ways to travel to a foreign country, especially if you live in an island nation like Australia.

If you can’t take a bus, train, car or boat to your chosen destination, you can choose a flight with lower carbon emissions. Google’s new flight search software will display all kinds of information for a particular flight, including its CO2 emissions.

Simply type in your origin and destination, click on a flight you’re interested in, and a little box will come up on the right hand side with the information. Compare this with other flights that will work with your schedule and you can be sure that you’re choosing the best of a bad bunch when you have to take a flight.


When you’ve done all your research and decided on what you’ll do for your holiday, you can start making a positive impact on the environment the moment you book thanks to ATC’s one reservation = one tree planted program. To participate, just use our partnership below to book your:

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