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8 Dieting Rules You Should Not Follow

Rules are meant to be broken, they say, and recently many diet guidelines are up for speculations. These are the 8 dieting rules you are more than welcome to ignore and here is why.

  • Always eat at the same time every day - Eat when you feel like it and not when the clock says you should. You are not a robot.

  • Eating at night piles up extra pounds - The total calories you consume in a 24 hour period cause the extra pounds. When you eat doesn’t matter, but how much you eat.

  • Dietary fat products keep you full longer - Foods that contain proteins and carbohydrates are likely to fight off hunger more than fats.

  • Diet in a team - Weight loss is a personal matter and if you are not ready to lose it, a buddy won’t help you much

Bread and pasta are fattening - Actually bread and pasta are a great source of nutrients.

  • If you blow your diet, wait until the next day to get back on track - Always try to get right back on track with the following meal.

  • All calories are equal - Calories are equal yes, but you will get more from a 100 calorie apple than a 100 calorie piece of bread. Eat healthier when you are given options.

Don’t believe everything you hear. After all, nutrition experts say that many of the dieting rules we hold dear are meant to be broken without guilt.


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