5 Thing You Should Consider When Designing Your Bedroom

If you are thinking about designing your bedroom keep in mind there are a few factors that can affect the outcome of your creative move. Here are five things to consider if you want to design a pleasant space where you feel most comfortable in.

  • Lighting - plan it well and it will enhance the interior space. Your room needs light and your room needs space. The sun is the natural source of energy which influences our moods so you want it in your bedroom. Place the window of the room in the most appropriate position to get some sun rays in your room. Also study shows that natural light can penetrate in an interior space up to 7 meters. If you want your room to feel spacious, get some natural light in it.

  • Room proportions - Very important attribute in any design. Every interior space must be proportionate in the human eye. What is a proportion? Every three dimensional object that is in accordance with our body parts proportions is called a proportional design. We look at length, width and height. Take a wardrobe handle as an example or a chair seat. The handle must have the right proportions so our hand can hold it for a smooth and effortless action. The seat must be spacious enough so we can feel comfortable when seated. The dimensions of our bed, its height from the floor, the dimensions of our wardrobe and so on and so forth. These are all factors that matter when we speak of proportions and need to be carefully chosen.

  • Patterns - Every room has exit points ( balcony, toilet, back yard) attached to it and if we draw an imaginary lines from the entry point to the exit points, they should not intersect. Since you have your room occupied with furniture, you need to make sure that you have your inside circulation space clear to create a comfortable space and atmosphere.

  • Ventilation - You need your room cool and clean. If your space has two sides it external faces then you can have free flow of air in your room. But if you don’t, you can use a ventilator above the window. Why above the window? We use the lower half of the room and when in use the air becomes lightweight. The used air travels up and needs an exit. Therefore you need to place the ventilator above the window. When the lower portion of the room is empty, the fresh air from the window replaces the vent and maintains a balance. Remember you need oxygen. You fresh air circulating in your room at all times.

  • Accessories - The use of accessories can make quite a difference in the comfort of your space if the previous four factors are met. They play an equally important role as well. Small details such as curtains and provisions for bed canopies can make the room extra decorative. Artificial lighting is also very important, if not the most important when speaking of accessorizing your bedroom space. Furthermore, you need to use fabric that is easy to maintain. What will happen if your child uses your PVC flooring sheets as a canvas for painting? Is it washable? Have this things in mind when you decorate.

Be practical and be creative when you design your space so that you feel most comfortable in it. The feeling that you get when you use your bedroom is a measure of how successfully you have used the previously mentioned factors.

These are just five basic tips that must not be neglected when you design your bedroom space. There are many more factors to consider but I am sure these five will ease you in your creative thinking. Remember you want to create an atmosphere that will relax you, that will enhance your sleep, improve your space and allow you to create your own sleepy heaven.


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