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Join us to generate more traffic or revenues for your blog, videos or website.


The Blogger / Influencer Traffic Program is an incentive program for bloggers and DIY’ers who regularly share high-quality content with the MyATC App DIY community. In exchange for posts, the team will feature a direct link to your post in our email newsletter, tutorial videos, facebook page and other medias and also give you the opportunity to be contacted by the Brands we are working with.


Here’s a good example of a quality, engaging post!


Read below to learn how to qualify!

What is a post feature?
A post feature is when the link to your post (your MyATC App post), is included in the email and other medias.

How to qualify for a feature:
Bloggers who create three high-quality posts in a month in the MyATC app community platform become eligible for a feature.

Note: all languages qualify for this program

As you may know, we are a multilingual platform so you can post in any languages with unlimited redirection links and be seen all over the world...

What is a good post?
Our goal at MyATC App is to inspire people to create the home they love (themself). The best way to engage our audience is by sharing the highest quality content with them.

To be considered, a post must fit the following criteria:

Be a step-by-step DIY tutorial
Have at least 100 words, at least 3 photos and/or 1 video
Include a before photo and a completed after photo
Include enough instruction so that the reader/viewer can understand what you did and easily replicate your project.


Click here to create your first post!


How to qualify for the Blogger / influencer program!


To have the opportunity to be contacted by some of our sponsors and get paid to present products or services ( check the advertisement plans here), you must be in the 30 most active members on the platform in a month. According to your activity and posts you will added to the Influencer team page the following month.


For more info and question feel free to fill up our support contact form to be contacted by our program Dev team.

The Blogger Traffic Program

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